Class of 2024

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Class Engagement

Embrace each other. Reach out to those you know, but also extend a warm and welcoming hand to those you don’t know.

Letter to Interim Vice President of Student Affairs

Letter to VP of Student Affairs

The following letter to Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Deb Moriarty along with other members of senior administration.

I Pledge To


Be your voice and represent you as a voting member at weekly Diplomatic Congress meetings


Advocate for a mandatory diversity awareness class for all students


Continue weekly meetings with the Class Cabinet to ensure plenty of activities and events are planned


Advocate for abundant mental health resources for all students


Promptly address all questions and concerns voiced by members of the class


Focus on our future by advocating for improvements to upperclass housing


Advocate for even more transparency from the college to allow students and families to promptly receive information regarding school updates and status changes


Work closely and thoroughly with colleagues and members of the class to improve and understand the transition to the academic semester system


Make widely available information and relevant updates from DipCon, in addition to other information we recieve


Have a space in each Class Cabinet meeting for members of the Class to voice their opinions to the entire cabinet


Coordinate and sponsor events with other student-led groups on campus


Listen to you, Class of 2024, so that I can add many more tasks to this to-do list.

You Deserve a Hard Worker

With over 18 years of human experience