Maverick Irwin

Class of 2024 President

About Me

I’m an 18-year-old music and sports enthusiast from Baltimore County, Maryland. Growing up with a mother involved in local government, I have always been interested in politics across all levels. In high school, I served as a representative of the student body for all four years, I attended a leadership camp to help further develop characteristics of a student leader, and I was a member of Towson High School’s Law and Public Policy Magnet Program for all four years of high school.

Beyond my great interest in politics, I have developed a love for music. I was a member of my school’s marching band for all four years, I played side-by-side with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra along with other top players from my district, and I was the principal trombonist of the Baltimore County High School Honors Orchestra.
I played varsity basketball, ran indoor and outdoor track, and worked as a youth basketball referee, youth chess instructor, and head lifeguard/pool operator. I enjoyed coaching various youth basketball teams over five years, which always included my little brother, in my free time. Beyond coaching and playing sports, I have played chess competitively and still maintain a US Chess rating.

Whether it’s strategizing in a chess game or determining the best solution to a public issue, I will always be on your team. I have the experience, dedication, and characteristics of a leader that it takes to serve as your Class President.


Class of 2024

Franklin & Marshall College

Class of 2020 - Graduate

Towson High Law & Public Policy


Quick Thinker 100%
Social Justice Advocate 100%
Sense of Humor 99%
Trustworthy 100%
Self-Driven 100%