Hello, first-year Diplomats!

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My name is Maverick Irwin, and I would be honored to serve as your Class President

I understand if this election for class president isn’t at the front of your mind. The worldwide quest for social justice is not yet over – it’s just getting started. It’s not enough if just some, or even most people believe in achieving equality, equal opportunity, and unconditional love for all – we have to strive for every individual to carry this belief. As your Class President, I will advocate for a substantial portion of our budget toward social justice initiatives. I will work closely with students from minority backgrounds. I will advocate for the addition of a mandatory class for F&M students to better understand diversity.

We are Diplomats. We vote for change every day with our words. Let our voices be heard, Class of 2024.

I’m from Baltimore County, Maryland, and I’m a graduate of Towson High School. One thing I’ve learned from being a student body representative is that change isn’t easy. As Class President, I will be your listener, your voice, and your leader. I believe that listening is the most important skill any leader can have.

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